Alivio Relief™

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Based on a natural healing formula that expedites from ancient teachings, it is now successfully recreated through cutting-edge technology. This ancient secret has been found in many Asian cultures ranging from the Far East to Southeast Asia.


Ancient Secret

The miracle temperature of 116.45° Fahrenheit has finally been able to be emulated through countless trials and errors in experimentation. This ancient secret has been around for centuries and is effective primarily in promoting blood flow circulation improving the body's natural healing processes.


Listen to the Doctors

116.45° Fahrenheit have long been known as the optimum temperature to penetrate through muscles and increase blood circulation throughout the applied area. Increased blood circulation helps relax the stiff muscles that come from bad posture or old age commonly causing back and shoulder pain.


Step 1: Plug the socket into an AC outlet

Step 2: Wrap the two sides of the blanket onto the neck, the magnetic clasp will hold it together

Step 3: Turn on heat or massage button according to your own preference.

Step 4: Sit back relax and enjoy


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