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The brain is the very center of the human body as it controls every function. Our mental faculties like speech and memory or our physical abilities like motor skills and reflexes are all regulated from within the brain.

But there are far too many factors that can impede brain health. Whether it’s purely genetics or the inevitability of aging- our brains can suffer from inactive or decaying neurons.

This causes forgetfulness, attention deficiencies, slow and clumsy movements and a whole host of other issues. If you’re concerned about these conditions, you are not alone.

Today, we can change this fate with the aid of Shorisu™! A safe, all-natural essential oil, Shorisu™ stimulates the brain, boosting its abilities to repair and produce healthy neurons.

Live your best life today with Shorisu™!

The Miracle Root

Say goodbye to invasive treatments and dangerous chemicals with Shorisu™. Derived from a unique wild ginger found in the remote mountains of Japan, the therapeutic oil boosts our mental capabilities and improve our motor skills.

When breathing in the fragrance, the microscopic molecules within the essence penetrates our brain. Here it repairs inactive neurotransmitters and helps the brain produce new, healthier neurons.

Shorisu™ has been carefully formulated for over a decade to create the perfect formulae that enhances the ginger’s incredible properties, resulting in a clearer mind and stronger body

Wonders of Shorisu™

  • All natural and vegan formulation

  • Improves cognitive functions

  • Expands memory recall abilities

  • Regenerates brain cells

  • Strengthens physical and motor skills

  • Enhances focus and alertness
Directions for Use
Mix 2-4 drops with any type of body-safe oil and gently massage the mixture with even pressure into your temples.
Add 4-6 drops of Shorisu™ into an aromatherapy diffuser or essential oil burner before bed.
Mix 4-6 drops of Shorisu™ with water and spritz onto pillow before going to bed.

***If you have sensitive skin or nose, do dilute Shorisu™ with a carrier oil of choice before use. For best result, 3 bottles are needed to complete a full treatment***

What Users Are Saying
I’ve always had difficulties paying attention in class. My mind is always everywhere else but on the teacher. I started failing classes and had to repeat a whole year- it was so embarrassing. My parents were going to send me to a strict boarding school to fix my grades but then my aunt gave me a bottle of Shorisu™. I liked how it smelt so I used it everyday and now, not only am I graduating early, but I’m also Valedictorian of the year! I’m already getting so many scholarship offers from all the Ivy League schools and it’s all thanks to Shorisu™!

Aiden Young, VT

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When I was much younger, I used to be a ballet dancer. But as I grew older, I had to retire from the stage and dancing altogether when I started feeling slow and weak. Nowadays, I can barely manage a walk down a street without tripping or hurting myself. I ended up having to use a wheelchair for my own safety. The doctors said there was nothing they could do and to just accept it as a natural part of aging. But my daughter visited from Japan and brought with her a bottle of Shorisu™. It’s been only a month, and I feel like I’m young again! I feel as light as a feather and I’ve started up my own dance studio in town! I cannot recommend Shorisu™ more than enough!

Lydia Adams, CA

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I don’t know when it started happening, but over time, I’ve begun forgetting more and more things. Some days, I’d forget my grocery list but some days, I’d forget my own home address. The specialists at the hospital gave me some pills but they haven’t helped at all and I thought I’d have to live in a care home. But then I stumbled on Shorisu™ and decided to give it a try. The change was incredible! Two weeks later, I could recite articles I read once through from memory! My mind feels so clear now, thank you Shorisu™!

Esther Cox, GA

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