This Is How This Violin Prodigy Overcame Constant
Tragedy, Rising Above Everything

Her father held onto hope even when no one else did. Today, she’s serenading listeners across the globe as the World’s Youngest Concert Violinist.

Angelic Melodies

She draws her bow over the violin strings. As the first note plays through the performance hall, audiences were astounded that the violinist is only 10 years old. Yui’s music transports her audience to paradise.

Now famous across the world for her music, no one realized the hardship she had endured since infancy.

Love Lost And Found

“It started long ago with my muse who was my wife”

“We were both delighted to have a family together”

“Every day we would play our songs for our unborn daughter”

“However, my wife experienced severe contractions far too early”

“Everything devolved into a real-life nightmare”

-Akira (Yui’s father)

There was a rush of activity as more medical members were summoned. The nurses and physicians were panicked!

Helpless, Akira was made to wait out in the hall. Hours pass and the doctors did all they could.

“She was feeble and was fading with each breath”

“The room was filled with our daughter’s cries”

“But at least my wife managed to see her one last time before passing”


The day they had been anticipating became the family’s worst day as while Yui was born, she had also lost her mother. Akira could only praise God for his daughter since she was a treasured gift left behind by his wife.

Each day, Akira would play Yui her mother’s songs and her tears were often soothed by the melodies. It seemed as though her mum was still there to comfort her.

Yui’s family looked forward to her bright future.

Repeating Misfortune

That dream however, would vanish one morning.

While checking on Yui, her father realized she wasn’t waking up. Panicked, the baby was rushed to the hospital.

On their arrival, Yui had stopped breathing!

“Seeing the medical staff hurry around the room”

“It was a terribly familiar scene”

“As they tried to resuscitate Yui like they did her mum”


Doctors were able to save her that night but after running multiple tests, the sad truth was revealed.

There was a tumor in Yui’s brain that must be surgically removed. However, chances of her survival were only 50% but if the tumor was not removed, she would not live long.

Her father decided to give his daughter a chance at life, choosing to have the tumor removed. The surgery took 12 long hours but was a success! And Yui was soon allowed to return home.

A year came and went and Yui turned out to be a fussy baby. Through the night, her home and neighbors would wake to her screams.

Akira thought her behavior was his fault as a new father but a checkup at the doctors showed that he was wrong.

Yui’s doctor saw her problems immediately

“Infants are already active at one year of age”

“They’re learning to stand and can play with toys easily”

“But Yui isn’t able to even grasp objects”

“Or even sit up without help from others”

-Yui’s pediatrician

This was a concern due to her medical history and another brain scan was scheduled quickly.

That was when they saw her underdeveloped brain- within her cerebellum, only 45% of her neurons were active.

“Our motor functions are controlled by the cerebellum”

“With Yui’s current health, she is not in immediate danger”

“But she will struggle with even the most basic physical tasks”

“Probably for the rest of her life”

-Yui’s doctor

Meeting A Savior

Akira felt his heart shatter at the news.

Despite her brief life, Yui has endured so much. Her father hated himself, thinking that her illness was his fault.

Yui was taken to see countless specialists but each of them were unable to assist until Dr. Minato Nakamura.

Dr. Nakamura was a specialist with more than 28 years’ experience and had researched countless ancient treatments. Yui’s situation reminded him of cases from the past and a possible treatment was found in an ancient Japanese manuscript. It was entirely natural and had no negative effects on the patient. Dr. Nakamura had spent ten years developing the prototype when he offered to try it on Yui to treat her.

The doctor used a bottle of golden oil, massaging a few drops on Yui’s temples twice a day and instructing her father to spray the oil on her pillow. So, Yui could breathe in the essence as she slept

Within a few weeks, progress began to show.

Her tantrums stopped as she gained control of her motions and at the age of 4, she finally stood up on her own. This rendered Akira speechless from astonishment and joy. Yui changed drastically since that day.

The screams that once filled the home was replaced by laughter and music as she joyfully played and danced to her father’s piano. At the age of 5, she picked up her mother’s violin and played the strings like an angel! It was then when it felt like her mother had come back to life.

“I’ve taught and performed alongside some of the finest musicians”

“However, I’ve never seen anything like this before”

“Yui played the violin as though she had been for years”

“But not once had she ever received lessons”


Now, 10 years old, Yui has received countless invitations to orchestras around the world. Her name is now well-known in the classical music world. She has even gained the moniker “Angel of Strings”.

Many consider her to be the next Paganini or Sarasate and it was all because of Dr. Nakamura’s treatment!

Hidden Gold

So just what is this strange golden oil that the doctor had used?

The oil was obtained from a wild ginger. While it appeared to be a common “zingiber officinale”, it could only be found in entirely unique growing conditions. That was what gave the ginger its distinct qualities.

“Our brain is in charge of everything in our body”

“From motor functions to memory”

“As a result of factors like genetics or age”

“Neuron connections within the brain can begin to decay”

“This leads to countless medical issues”

“Some will have trouble with focus or memory”

“Others feel as though they are losing control of physical movements”

“The ginger molecules are smaller than other types”

“Allowing it to enter brain tissue quicker”

“Where it heals and repairs neurotransmitters”

“Improving neuron connectivity by up to 50x!”

“The oil can be used to treat a variety of ailments”

“For example, physical issues like Dyspraxia or ALS”

“As well as mental disorders like dementia and ADHD”

-Dr. Nakamura

Introducing Shorisu™

With Yui’s tremendous success, Dr. Nakamura began to share his discovery with the world. Leading him to create a simple product that he had named “Shorisu™”.

“I’m still using Shorisu™ today”

“I normally have it in a diffuser in my music room”

“It helps me concentrate on my classes”

“My brain also feels more awake”

“My fingers seem lighter and more agile”

“I can learn and master songs in one sitting!”

“Shorisu™ has helped me so much and I love it”

“It’s the key to my incredible abilities!”


Shorisu™ has now sold more than 100,000 bottles around the world

With 97% of consumers reporting great improvements in motor abilities! However, due to the rarity of the wild ginger, production is limited. Stocks are dwindling fast and won’t be restocked for another year.

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