Labor Of Love: Mom Agrees To Be Daughter’s
Surrogate In The Ultimate Sacrifice!

Wednesday, 15th March 2022 | Linda Rogers, Editor-in-Chief

It’s not often that a mother would visit the doctor with her daughter’s husband, and it’s even more jaw-dropping when they want to have a baby together!

The news might scandalize those not in the know, but for top gynecologist Dr. Cheryl Wheeler, the awe-inspiring mom is living proof that a mother’s love knows no bounds.

Josephine Allen, 58, gave her health-plagued daughter the ultimate gift: motherhood.

Devastating Reality

Her daughter Alyssa struggled with infertility for years after marriage. After 4 heartbreaking miscarriages and countless failed IVF treatments, Dr. Cheryl told them that the only route left was adoption as Alyssa would never be able to carry a baby to full term and getting a surrogate would cost more than 6 figures.

Josephine was devastated to hear the news, knowing it would shatter her daughter’s lifelong dream. But she recalled the ease with which she conceived and gave birth to her 5 children. Josephine then asked the doctor if she could possibly step in as the surrogate for her daughter.

“Mother-daughter surrogacy cases are very rare.”

“Not only that, but we would usually suggest for surrogates to be below 40 as there are greater health risks and complications the older the woman is.”

“We would have to run many tests and checks, but the chance of success is only 11% once the woman is after 45.”

– Dr. Cheryl Wheeler

A Mother’s Love
Josephine was determined to try anything that would give her daughter her dream. It was the ultimate sacrifice of love!

And to the surprise of the doctors and her family, Josephine persevered and managed to pass almost all the tests through sheer resolve.

“We’ve never seen anything quite like this!”

“The one last thing Josephine needs to do before being approved as a surrogate is to drop down at least 3-5 sizes.”

– Dr. Cheryl Wheeler

Even though she was 350lbs, Josephine was prepared to do whatever it takes. With the help of a trainer and a nutritionist, the pounds began to shed.
Roadblocks On The Way To Success

However, because of her size and advanced age, her weight loss soon became stagnant and everything that worked previously stopped!

Frustrated, Josephine asked if she could undergo surgery or liposuction. But Dr. Cheryl advised against such procedures as they could have negative repercussions when pregnant.

“It’s so heartbreaking to be so close yet so far.”

“My family’s counting on me to succeed because this is my daughter’s last chance and I don’t want to let her down.”

– Josephine Allen

Moved by their story, Dr. Cheryl reached out to all of her medical colleagues to see if anyone could help. But everyone said nothing could be done.

Her Last Hope

Until she heard back from one of her colleagues, Dr. Fraser Jensen, who had just returned from the International Conference on Advanced Clinical Trials where he had presented about his revolutionary prototype after spending more than a decade in Japan, researching on a non-surgical weight loss alternative.

“What most don’t know is that weight loss isn’t just an external shedding of fat.”

“It’s closely tied to the internal gastrointestinal system.”

“Our studies have shown that the hidden cause of those who are overweight is the high amount of toxins stored in the digestive track and bowel system.”

“Even with exercise and a healthy diet, the weight will be hard to lose if the toxins are not cleared from the body, causing indigestion, bloating, and even a lowered metabolism, which would increase the difficulty of dropping unnecessary pounds.”

– Dr. Fraser Jensen

Medtox™ - A New Frontier

Dr. Fraser explained that he had a unique encounter in Japan:

“While the Japanese people drank green tea as part of their daily diet, they consumed copious amounts of Hokuto mint when they had bowel or weight issues.”

“Grown only in a remote part of Japan, we discovered that the Hokuto mint is actually a fat synthesizer!”

“It works by expelling the toxins in the body and also burns fat at a 5 time increase compared to the baseline metabolic rate!”

“With these results, I decided to incorporate Hokuto mint into a patch called Medtox™.”

“Instead of oral ingestion where it can lose its potency, Medtox™ absorbs all toxins from the bloodstream while targeting stubborn fat, improving its effectiveness by up to 4 times.”

“Power packed with only pure Hokuto mint extract, Medtox™ contains antioxidants up to 12 times the amount in the plant, boosting its weight loss properties further.”

“It also reduces high blood pressure and blood fat levels by inhibiting fat absorption which promotes good heart health.”

“The pure Hokuto mint extracts also rid the body of free radical toxins, helping to improve overall health.”

“Just apply Medtox™ to any problem area and watch the pounds drop off!”

– Dr. Fraser Jensen, Creator of Medtox™

With nothing to lose, Josephine immediately started using Medtox™. Shockingly, her weight loss was kickstarted once again!

She managed to drop 14lbs in just a week, and within a month, she went down 3 more dress sizes! By the time she hit the 6-week mark, she had lost enough weight to be approved for the surrogacy procedure.

Miracle Of Life

And after 9 months of holding their breaths, the real life super mom gave birth to a healthy baby – her own grandchild.

“The incredibly selfless sacrifice by my mom still takes my breath away.”

“Because of her, we’re welcoming our little slice of heaven into the world today.”

“I never thought I’d ever hold my own daughter in my arms, but with love and hope, anything is possible – even the miracle of life!”

– Alyssa White, Josephine’s daughter

“A mother’s love goes to the ends of the earth for her children.”

“No doubt, no regrets: I would do it all over again for my daughter!”

“My heart is just overflowing seeing my daughter holding her little girl.”

“All the challenges were worth it – and Medtox™ made everything possible for us!”

– Josephine Allen, Super Mom

Although the family now celebrates their newest bundle of joy, the journey that Josephine had to take was an uphill challenge from day 1. But she managed to triumph over all odds!

If you know someone who would be encouraged by this happily ever after, share Josephine’s heartwarming story with them today.

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