Discover The “Granny Aphrodite” Who Took Over
An Heir’s World

Meet the pensioner who dominated a young heir’s mansion. Despite being born in the same year as his grandma, they are inseparable.

Ever since 67-year-old Kathleen and this young millionaire first locked eyes, he was instantly captivated by her. Although he is a successful entrepreneur and is always surrounded by hundreds of younger women, Kathleen’s toyboy decided to settle down and proposed to her.

Regardless of the opinions of others, they refused to let cruel comments affect them and insist that age is just a number.

People all over the world have been curious about this odd yet interesting couple.

Why would a charming, wealthy young man be attracted to a pensioner?

To answer the question, Kathleen revealed something fascinating:

“For many women, dating is a challenge at any age but I’ve never felt that way and I’ve been with younger men ever since I was in my 30s. Before my husband met me, he had flings almost every night.”

“No one believed him when he said was going to get married soon. Since our first date, he’s been incredibly loyal to me and although we’ve been together for years, he still gets excited whenever nighttime comes. That is how we keep the spark alive in our relationship.”


Aphrodite’s “Weapon”

Dr. Steve, a sexologist with more than 25 years of experience was intrigued when he heard about these age-gap lovebirds. So, he scheduled a meeting to know more about them:

“When I first met Kathleen, I noticed a unique scent surrounding her. She radiates a desirable aura that can’t be explained.”

“Like a magnet, the alluring aroma drew me closer to her. I couldn’t help but ask what scent that was!”

-Dr. Steve

Then, Kathleen went on to share something eye-opening:

“My ancestors originated from an island on the southern coast of Greece. Centuries ago, ancient worshippers built temples dedicated to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, pleasure, and beauty.”

“In the past, prayers to Aphrodite were offered whenever there was trouble in marriage and the search for love. To honor the Goddess, women burned local cinnamon incense as it was believed that the spice was a signature scent of Aphrodite.”

“Wherever she went, the scent of cinnamon flowed out of her magical belt, allowing her to release the irresistible power of seduction.”

“Whenever the locals visited her temple, a peculiar fragrance would linger on their bodies. Allowing them to get turned on more often and impress their significant other. Since then, the locals there have been spending hours making homemade perfume inspired by Aphrodite.”


Putting The Centuries-old Tradition To The Test

Curious, Dr. Steve asked for a sample of the perfume and invited 61-year-old Frida to try it out:

“Ever since I turned 60, my husband and I stopped being intimate. I crave for the affection and the feeling of being loved but we just lost the passion.”

“I truly believed we'd never be affectionate again until Dr. Steve let me try the traditional perfume. It not only uplifted my mood and increased my ‘drive’ but it also improved my performance under the sheets! Lately, we’ve been spending hours doing ‘it’ almost every night.”


To further assess the effectiveness of the perfume, Dr. Steve conducted tests to know how it affected Frida’s hormone levels:

“After using the sample perfume for around 2 weeks, Frida’s estrogen levels have significantly increased. Allowing her to be as seductive as if she were in her early twenties.”

-Dr. Steve

Rellucia™, The Gift From Aphrodite

Enthralled to share this groundbreaking discovery with the world, Dr. Steve worked with the top biochemists and perfumers to create a multifunction essential oil that can be used as a perfume using the latest state-of-the-art steam distillation technique and pure cinnamon bark extracts exclusively grown in southern Greece.

After a few drops, its enticing aroma will infuse your surroundings with coziness and romance to elevate precious moments.

They called it Rellucia™.

"Women's estrogen levels tend to decrease as they age. This can cause mood fluctuations and the loss of desire for intimacy.”

“By inhaling Rellucia™, it will trigger the brain to release ‘dopamine’ which is important to promote positive feelings and balance hormone levels.”

“The key ingredient in Rellucia™ is Cinnamomum Verum. They contain a high volume of cinnamaldehyde and is effective in reducing menopausal symptoms while also improving women’s libido levels by increasing the warmth and blood flow to the intimate region.”

"As a result, satisfaction during private moments is amplified. Also, Rellucia™ was carefully formulated for women to unleash their aura and captivate men by triggering their olfactory senses.”

-Dr. Steve

Taking Over The Perfume Industry

When Rellucia™ first made its debut to the public, Kathleen gave her verdict:

“Before this, I had to travel back to my hometown just to get the perfume. But with Rellucia™, all I need to do is to apply a few drops or use it with a diffuser and it would instantly lift up my mood and confidence.”

“My husband has been complimenting me on how attractive I am lately and his performance in bed has improved tremendously. Rellucia™ blew me away, I’ve never felt this satisfied before!”


Rellucia™ Garners Worldwide Recognition

Just a few months after Rellucia™ was introduced to the world, it has garnered worldwide recognition with more than 641,360 units sold.

52-year-old Ruth is thrilled to share her thoughts:

“My husband recently left me, so I’ve tried going out on dates but no one was interested in me. I accepted the fact that I was going to be alone forever but after I started using Rellucia™, it made me feel good about myself.”

“It lasts all day long and I feel empowered every time I apply it. Within a few weeks of using Rellucia™, a man approached me because of its sensual scent and I’m proud to say that he is now my boyfriend”

“My boyfriend only has his eyes on me and he looks forward to a night of passion with me every day.”


Rekindling The Passion In Relationships

Never underestimate the power of fragrance. Mesmerize your ideal man and reignite the spark in your relationship with Rellucia™.

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