Discover The World's Most Gorgeous Woman
Who Is Still Single After 60 Years

On 26-year-old Sofia Russo’s big day, she was about to marry her childhood sweetheart. But he did not show up and left her waiting at the altar.

“I never thought he would dump me when I’m perfect in every way.”

“For him, I rejected 10 other men who have pursued me.”

“I believed he was the One for me and thought we were meant to be. But he shattered my heart into a million pieces that day.”

“As I stood there crying in my wedding dress, it was clear that I’m not good enough.”

“It was the most embarrassing moment of my entire life.”


Gorgeous As Ever But Still Single

At 60 years old, she is one of the highest paid veteran supermodel in the world. But Sofia lived a lonely life despite being a classic Italian beauty in every way.

And given her popularity, all men were aware of her shameful past. Men avoided her like the plague. It stopped her from having the courage to seek what she desired most.

Inside, her self-worth and confidence plummeted.

Until one day, her long-lost classmate, Francesca heard about her situation. She shared about how her love experience changed after getting a love amulet from Japan.

Francesca believed that the amulet’s power could help Sofia find love.

“I know it’s been difficult for you to find love after everything.”

“But in Japan, many have found the love of their life, including myself.”

“Thanks to a love amulet from a famous love shrine in Kyoto.”


The Journey To Love

Sofia took the amulet and carried it around. It wasn’t long before she started noticing big changes.

“I was making more eye contact with strangers and they were all smiling at me."

“The pathetic, desperate longing I always felt was gone.”

“No longer was I feeling unloved but rather how much love I was prepared to receive.”

“Men started to approach me and offered to take me out to dinner. Suddenly I was being wooed wherever I went.”

“It’s unbelievable that there was suddenly so much love for me.”

“Within a week, I had a boyfriend and he professed his intense love for me.”


Scent From A Sacred Source

It piqued the interest of a world-renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Megan. She immediately got in touch with Sofia and learned about the amulet. And travelled to Japan to uncover the scent.

That was when she learned about the amulet’s origin.

As she met with Shinto monks from temples all over the country, they told her that it was an ingredient with sacred and spiritual symbolism. To them, the lotus signifies purity of body, speech and mind. It is also an extremely rare flower that blooms only once a month.

Dr. Megan took the flower back and extracted the essence into an oil. Over a few days of exposing herself to it, she discovered amazing results.

“My husband was the first to notice my sudden show of confidence.”

“He said it triggered a deep emotional and physical response in him. Which made me even more attractive.”

“I was certain that something within our brains was altered.”

“The amulet’s heady and sweet aroma kept drawing me back. A powerful scent is definitely at play here.”

– Dr. Megan

The Birth Of Mizumi™

Realizing the immense potential of the oil, Dr. Megan gathered the finest minds in the fragrance industry.

Together with her team of scientists, they reformulated the enticing scent for women all over the world.

By using a solvent-extraction technique to extract the precious aromatics from the flower of Nelumbo nucifera.

This resulted in a concentrated, highly aromatic, oily mixture which is then left to age for 100 days in a temperature-regulated environment.

After tirelessly working on it for months, they named it Mizumi™

“The pleasant fruity undertones of Mizumi™ evoke a sense of positivity in the female user.”

"It also clears the mind, body and soul to cultivate feelings of positivity.”

“Then we performed neural scans on male participants before and after exposure.”

“There was a marked and accelerated increase in brain activity.”

“The olfactory signals overload the brain’s limbic system to create instant attraction.”

“And with the heightened serotonin and dopamine, it brings out men’s most fundamental biological drive to the forefront.”

“This causes the man to feel a strong, all-consuming pull to the woman.”

“Mizumi™ is basically love at first sight and it is all science.”

– Dr. Megan

To make certain of its benefits, they carried out further tests. The results all point to more than just a singular benefit from using Mizumi™.

“Within days of its initial usage, it will ignite romance and intimacy.”

“Which will bring out improvement in desirability and charisma. It can also help strengthen your relationships with other people.”

“Most importantly, it is made of organically-cultivated lotus plants and all-natural.”

– Dr. Megan

Unleash The Love Potential

Dr. Megan’s creation received a positive verdict from Sofia.

“Mizumi™ has successfully turned my love life around.”

“Initially, it took forever for my ex to pop the question. But now my boyfriend, Antonio proposed to me within a month.”

“He said he could not live another day without me by his side.”

“He is the sweetest man that I can ever hope to love me.”

"And for that, I am extremely lucky to have him as my husband. Which is all made possible by Mizumi™.”


Mizumi™ Garners Worldwide Recognition

Ever since then, women all over the world have tried it. They reported extreme satisfaction with the product.

Besides Sofia, another participant, 45-year-old Jemima also has a similar experience.

“My partner never shows his love for me. All he makes me feel is neglect.”

“I started feeling unloved and depressed all the time."

“Everything changed when I started using Mizumi™."

“I also noticed a boost in my self-esteem.”

“Within a week of using it, my ex-husband came back to finalize our divorce."

“But when he saw me, he instantly changed his mind.”

“I never thought I could give my kids a happy family again”


Ever since its official launch, countless women swear by this oil for bringing back their confidence and reigniting their love life. Be like Sofia, Jemima and many other women.

Are you ready to flaunt all that confidence?

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