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Tuesday, 10th October 2022 | Marianne Donovan, Editor-in-Chief

Protective Shield For The Mind: Melizo™

An abnormal accumulation in the brain is the cause of childhood dementia and adult Alzheimer's

This can cause brain damage over time, killing off brain cells and destroying the capacity to do even the most basic daily tasks.

In order to prevent plaque formation and enhance the brain’s ability to heal itself, it is essential to protect and clear the neuron cells from abnormal buildups in the brain.


By inhaling Melizo™, the scent molecules will travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain. This "direct access" to the brain makes it a powerful tool in healing and protecting the brain from unwanted buildups in no time.

Containing three times the amount of antioxidants and neuroprotective powers of Melissa officinalis, when inhaled, Melizo™ protects the brain from oxidative damage while stimulating circulation to clear unwanted plaques.

Additionally, it promotes nerve rebirth which not only speeds up recovery but also enhances memory and problem-solving skills. As well as boosts positive mood by lowering stress hormones.

The Benefits of Melissa Officinalis (Lemon Balm)

1. Improves Mood - According to studies, Melissa Officinalis reduced negative mood effects and elevated calmness.

2. Reduces Stress - In a recent study, Melissa Officinalis reduced anxiety by 18%, reduced anxiety-associated symptoms by 15%, and lowered insomnia by 42%.

3. Prevents Free Radicals - Results of biological studies revealed that rosmarinic acid (found in Melissa Officinalis) increased cell viability under oxidative stress and decreased intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) in human keratinocyte cells.

4. Reduces Insomnia - When used for around two weeks at a dose of 300 mg twice daily, Melissa Officinalis has been demonstrated to enhance sleep in people with stress-related sleep issues.

5. Strengthens Concentration - According to a study on the effects of supplementing with 300 mg of Melissa Officinalis extract on stress and cognitive function, it dramatically increased math ability, alertness, and rapid recall.

6. Brain Health - In patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease, Melissa Officinalis extract has been studied. After four months of treatment, it was shown that the herb considerably improved cognitive performance and helped to lessen agitation.

7. Improves Memory - Melissa Officinalis extract influences receptor binding characteristics, which have been shown to enhance cognitive functions like alertness and memory.

Tap The Hidden Abilities Of The Mind In 10 Days

Claire, 59, was a high school math teacher before dementia took control of her life. Since then, daily life activities like showering, cooking, reading, and even elementary school-level math became a challenge for her.

Below is her 10 days recovery journey with Melizo™

Day 3

Once inhaled, she instantly felt relaxed and less agitated, which enhanced her motivation and positive thinking. Thanks to its uplifting and brain-stimulating aroma, her mind feels less heavy as all her fatigue and lethargy are wiped away.

Day 7

Ever since she started using Melizo™, Claire has felt less disoriented and foggy than before. She no longer has any trouble keeping track of the time and date, which she previously struggled with. Her family members also noticed her calling out their names!

Day 10

Claire finally regained the ability to use the washroom and cook, as well as recall all the names and birthdays of her beloved children and grandchildren, whom she had forgotten just a week ago. She also started to pick up her pen and paper again and is starting to challenge herself to solve math problems! With Melizo™, Claire is finally ready to get back to work feeling more motivated and energized than ever. Recently, she even enrolled in one of the Ivy League Universities to obtain her Ph.D. in mathematics!

According to The Alzheimer’s Association, by 2040, 11 million Americans will live with cognitive decline. So, don’t take the brain for granted and start prioritizing it more today. After all, it is the most important organ in the human body.

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