Unselfish Mother: This Woman Became An “Adult
Baby” After The Birth Of Her Twins

After the birth of her bundles of joy, this woman became bedridden. At the age of 29, Samantha suddenly became a toddler again.

Samantha tried for years to get pregnant and she never gave up. Several years later, her wish finally came true when she was pregnant with TWINS! But after the birth of her second baby, there were some medical issues. Samantha was left paralyzed as a result of a traumatic brain injury.

Although she received a malpractice settlement worth millions of dollars, like a prisoner, Samantha became trapped in her own body and was unable to speak or move and needed round-the-clock care.

“Everything happened so suddenly and I was stuck in my mind. I wanted to scream out loud but I couldn’t even say a word.”


Samantha’s condition also affected her family as her husband had to quit his job to take care of her. He became her caretaker and had to feed her and give her baths on the bed.

Samantha’s family took her to different specialists hoping to find a solution, but everything was ineffective!

Samantha’s Brain Scans

When her story went viral across the world, millions of people sympathized with the sacrifices she made. One of them was Dr. Fuller, a world-renowned neurologist who has been treating traumatic brain injuries for more than 35 years.

To know more about her condition, he performed MRI scans on her. His jaw dropped because Samantha’s condition was worse than he thought:

“Childbirth injuries are more common than most people realize but Samantha’s condition is the most severe.”

“Her test results showed that her brain injury is due to the severe oxygen deprivation in her brain cells.”

“To function properly, the brain requires a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients. As brain cells are extremely sensitive, oxygen shortage can cause memory loss, inability to speak and difficulty moving the body.”

-Dr. Fuller

The World’s First Multi-Genius

Samantha’s case reminded Dr. Fuller of his recent field research trip to Egypt:

“I visited Egypt months ago to meet a woman who suffered 85% damage to her brain. Despite her condition, she had a normal life and even became a teacher.”

“She said she owes it all to her ancestor’s homemade frankincense incense. The ancient Egyptians also used the same aromatic spice for healing purposes when modern medications were unavailable.”

“After inhaling, the brain-boosting qualities unexpectedly aided them to become one of humanity's most intellectual civilizations.”

“They became experts in geometry and mathematics, which they used to build one of the 7 wonders of the world, like the Great Pyramid of Giza.”

“Their intellectual ability enabled them to advance faster than modern people and it was believed that the first doctor in history, who is known as Imhotep, was also from Egypt and he used frankincense regularly to help him focus.”

“This helped the ancient genius to succeed not only as a doctor, but also, as a mathematician, astrologer, and an architect.”

-Dr. Fuller

Putting The Ancient Brain Booster To The Test

Realizing how this could potentially help Samantha, Dr. Fuller managed to bring back some of the frankincense incense and gave it to Samantha’s family:

“Previously, Samantha had to blink her eyes to communicate. Unable to move a muscle, she had to be in a wheelchair.”

“But within 3 weeks of using the incense, she was able to speak a few words! Even though it was only a small improvement, we were excited for her recovery.”

“Previously, she couldn’t even lift a finger. But now, Samantha can finally embrace her twins in her arms. We couldn’t help but cry because the old Samantha is back.”

-Nate, Samantha’s husband

Looking at the efficacy of the treatment, Dr. Fuller decided to conduct in-depth brain scans on Samantha:

“After inhaling frankincense, Samantha’s blood circulation to her brain has increased by up to 85%! This will definitely push her brain to recover more quickly. As well as have positive effects on her overall recovery.”

-Dr. Fuller

The Birth Of Velluza™

Dr. Fuller wanted to share this revolutionary discovery with the world. So, he contacted the top frankincense supplier from Egypt and collaborated with leading biochemists to invent a powerful brain-boosting oil.

They called it Velluza™.

The purest frankincense oil was used to create this simple yet effective oil, extracted from only the Boswellia trees native to Egypt using the latest steam distillation technique developed by Dr. Fuller. It contains the highest volume of anti-inflammatories than other species.

Dr. Fuller goes into further details about the science behind Velluza™:

“When the brain doesn't get enough oxygen, memory loss, mental fog, poor judgment, and difficulty focusing will occur. That is why it’s important to boost blood circulation to ‘feed’ the brain.”

“Thanks to the high amount of sesquiterpenes in Velluza™, it can greatly fuel the healing process of injured brain tissues.”

“With the ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier easily, it has the ability to deliver oxygen molecules to brain cells at a quicker pace.”

“This means it can provide vital nutrients to heal injured brain cells, leading to the improvement of mental sharpness, rational decision-making, and the ability to recall a huge amount of information.”

“Additionally, its therapeutic properties will also increase mental clarity while calming the mind and relieving stress.”

-Dr. Fuller

Velluza™ Earns Worldwide Recognition

When the first batch of Velluza™ was rolled out, Samantha gave her verdict:

“Previously, my family had to care for me as if I were a newborn. I had to be accompanied whenever I needed to use the restroom.”

“However, after I tried Velluza™ for the first time, I cried. I couldn’t believe that I was able to speak and walk normally again.”

“Apart from feeling more relaxed, I feel sharper after the fourth week! I'm an author and a motivational speaker now thanks to Velluza™.”

“Most importantly, I finally get to spend quality time with my beautiful twins. Thanks to Velluza™, I can finally be a mother.”


When Velluza™ was launched globally, more than 653,802 units were sold and 99.6% of customers said it helped them enhance their memory, focus, and cognitive abilities.

74-year-old Paul is one of them and he recently suffered a stroke:

“I couldn't remember anything after having a stroke, including my name. For the first time ever, I'd forgotten how to play the guitar.”

“I became depressed because music is my passion. I was hesitant when my son bought Velluza™ for me to try but within just two weeks of using it, I can remember all of my grandchildren’s names and their birthdays.”

“And what’s even more amazing is, I’ll be performing with my band next week!”


Smell Your Way To A Stronger Brain

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