Goddess On Earth: Real-life “Venus” Granny Won
A Millionaire’s Heart

This granny has been dubbed as the real-life Venus! Although she is a grandma, she is married to a young entrepreneur.

Their story first started when they met through a mutual friend and her boyfriend who is a successful businessman, was instantly attracted to her.

Once a Casanova, he decided to settle down and get married to Theresa. This odd yet fascinating couple has left thousands of people to wonder…

How did a granny like Theresa manage to entice such a young and attractive man?

In a recent interview, Theresa revealed something fascinating:

“My boyfriend was a playboy and nobody expected him to get married so soon but when he first met me, he knew that he wanted to be with me forever.”

"Since then, he's been faithful only to me. He makes me happy every single day and we can’t live without each other!”

“Thanks to my ‘high drive’, although we’ve been married for years, our bedtime is still as exciting and fun as before. That is one of the factors that keeps the sparks in our relationship alive.”


Ancient Goddess Of Desire

This intrigued Dr. Wendy, a sexologist specializing in human sexuality who has more than 20 years of experience.

So, she set up a meeting to learn more about the unusual couple:

“When I met Theresa, I immediately noticed her perfume. The seductive scent drew me closer to her like a magnet.”

"The perfume that Theresa uses truly allows her to release a desirable aura that can't be explained! I couldn’t help it but ask what perfume she was using.”

-Dr. Wendy

Then, Theresa finally revealed her secret:

“My ancestors were from a small town located in Rome. The ancient town had a number of temples used to worship Gods and one of them was a temple for Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and pleasure.”

“Centuries ago, prayers to Venus were offered in times of stress in marriage and the quest for love. To pay their respects to Venus, women burned cinnamon incense."

“It was believed that cinnamon was a signature scent of Venus. The Goddess wore a magical belt infused with the scent of Roman cinnamon on her hips wherever she went. The scent of cinnamon flowed through her surroundings.”

“It’s her ‘weapon’ to release the alluring powers of desire and cause men and Gods to instantly surrender to her.”

“Every time the locals visited her temple, they’d leave with a unique aroma. This allows them to get in the mood more often and attract their partner. For generations, the women from my hometown have spent hours making perfumes inspired by Venus as a symbol of femininity.”


Centuries-Old Practice

Dr. Wendy was intrigued and collected a sample of the homemade perfume and invited Giovanna, a 58-year-old volunteer to try it out:

“My intimate life has been non-existent ever since I hit menopause. This had a negative impact on my relationship with my husband.”

"I want to be embraced by my husband again but the intimacy was no longer pleasurable. I honestly thought we'd never be intimate again until Dr. Wendy let me try the sample perfume.”

“Once I applied it, it not only improved my mood, but it increased my ‘desires’! It’s embarrassing but he often compliments me on how irresistible I am.”


Looking at how effective the ancient perfume is, Dr. Wendy conducted tests to find out how it affected Giovanna’s hormone levels:

“We discovered that after using the sample perfume, Giovanna’s estrogen levels have significantly increased."

“This increased her ‘appetite’ and ‘drive’ to the level of someone in their 20s.”

-Dr. Wendy

The Debut Of S'edoire™

Realizing this revolutionary finding should be shared with the rest of the world, Dr. Wendy worked with top perfumers and biochemists to create the perfect essential oil that also works as a perfume.

That is how S'edoire™ was born. It's created with pure cinnamon bark extracts from Rome and the most up-to-date steam distillation technique.

The enticing and comforting aroma will infuse your surroundings with warmth and romance with just a few drops to enliven and elevate private moments, taking any kind of relationship to the next level. Dr. Wendy explains the science behind S'edoire™:

"Estrogen levels in women generally decline as they get older, resulting in mood swings, loss of desire for intimacy, and depression.”

“But by inhaling S'edoire™, the brain will release a neurotransmitter called dopamine to promote positive feelings and balance hormone levels thanks to its key ingredient, Cinnamomum Verum (cinnamon) exclusively grown in a little town near Rome.”

“They contain high concentrations of cinnamaldehyde to reduce depressive episodes as well as menopausal symptoms while also boosting women’s libido levels and desires during night-time by elevating the body's warmth and blood flow to the intimate areas. As a result, pleasures felt during intimate moments are enhanced”

“Additionally, S'edoire™ was designed to help women attain their signature scent to unleash their most desirable aura and captivate men by triggering their olfactory senses.”

-Dr. Wendy

The Greatest Fragrance Of All Time

When the first batch of S'edoire™ was released, Theresa gave her verdict:

“I used to travel all the way to Rome just to get my hands on some authentic Roman cinnamon and I’d spend hours making the perfume.”

“But with S'edoire™, all I need to do is to dab a few drops or use it with a diffuser and it would instantly improve my mood, especially during bedtime.”

“I feel younger now and the scent makes me feel really confident. Also, my husband’s performance has noticeably improved! I’ve never been this satisfied and I owe it all to S'edoire™.”


Just months after S'edoire™ made its debut, it took the world by storm with more than 343,596 units sold!

One of the satisfied users is 49-year-old Lilian:

“Ever since my divorce, I had no luck with men. I thought I’d be single forever until I started using S'edoire™.”

“S'edoire™ lasts all day long and it’s a really soft and seductive scent. After just a week of using this amazing essential oil, it not only reduced my stress and anxiety but it also helped me meet the man of my dreams.”

“My boyfriend said he first approached me because he was drawn to my scent. He even said that S'edoire™ smells better than the other expensive perfumes I have!”

“My boyfriend is completely obsessed with me and he always looks forward to going to bed with me.”


Igniting Hidden Desires

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