Escaped From Being A Puppet, She Soon Made Her World Rain In Gold

Born and raised in the poorest part of India, she wakes up to take over the "Brightest City That Never Sleeps”.

Before 27-year-old Priya became a successful and independent mogul, she was just like any other young woman in their 20s who are living in poverty and battling the worry of whether they can afford to have their next meal.

“My father left my mother when she was pregnant with me. Soon after giving birth to me, she took her last breath and since then, I’ve been living as my aunt’s maid in Dharavi.”

“They consistently looked down on me and even prevented me from getting an education. I tried looking for a job to escape from my aunt, but no one was willing to hire an illiterate person like me.”

“One day, a wealthy but rude elderly man in his 80s offered my aunt money for my hand in marriage. Without asking me, my aunt immediately accepted his offer. I knelt down and cried to her, begging her to not send me away.”

“But she said that I was less valuable than what the man could give her. I couldn’t believe that my only family treated me this way. So, I sneaked out in the middle of the night and ran away.”


After Every Storm Comes A Rainbow

Now homeless and depressed, Priya had to collect rubbish in the street to earn some money.
That’s when she saw an elderly man who had been struck by a hit-and-run driver. So, she quickly called an ambulance. Priya also noticed that the man had dropped his wallet after the accident.
At the hospital, when the man woke up, he was grateful that Priya saved his life. Not only that, but he was also shocked when she returned his wallet.

“I didn’t even realize that I had dropped my wallet and when I opened it, I was surprised to find that not even a single note was missing!”

-Elderly man

Impressed by Priya’s honesty and kindness, he wanted to write her a cheque but she kindly declined his offer. However, the elderly man insisted on giving Priya something.

“Your kindness is truly a rarity nowadays. I can’t thank you enough for saving my life.” “Please accept this bracelet as a token of my appreciation.”

-Elderly man

Hitting Her Lowest Point

Priya then wore the bracelet without any expectations, but she felt an intense wave of positive energy. One day, Priya passed by a shop and suddenly had the urge to buy three tickets to try out her luck.

When the results were out, Priya cried tears of joy! She won every single one of them, which totaled up to a staggering six figures!

Priya wasn't aware that the bracelet was the cause of all of this, until one tragic day.

“I lost my bracelet on the plane. Since then, one unfortunate event after another kept happening. One of my closest friends scammed me, and I lost almost all my money.”

“After that, my house was broken into and they took everything valuable. It only took a week since I lost the bracelet to lose everything. So, I had no choice but to move back to my hometown.”


Goddess Lakshmi’s Favorite Stone

Desperate for a solution, Priya searched everywhere for the elderly man, but to no avail. Then, one day, Priya unexpectedly ran into him again! She apologized for losing his gift and begged him for help. He comforted her and explained the origins of the bracelet.

“My family were poor farmers and we lived together with our grandparents in a tiny rundown house. But our lives changed when Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, disguised as a beggar and knocked on our door.”

“Instead of chasing her away, my late grandpa treated her like his own child. Soon, we were starting to receive great profits from our farm and my grandpa became a rich landlord. Within two years, he became India’s largest supermarket chain owner.”

“After Goddess Lakshmi left, she rewarded him with a large pyrite stone and said that it would continue to bring her blessings to him. Found in ancient Hindu scriptures, this stone was believed to transform even beggars into wealthy entrepreneurs.”

“My grandpa then divided the stone and created bracelets out of it for us. After wearing it, our family business started to expand internationally to a billion-dollar global enterprise.”

“And until today, we still wear the bracelet.”

-Elderly man

The elderly man then offered Priya another bracelet and advised her to take good care of it.

“Among mankind, only less than 5% of them have activated their solar plexus chakra. What most people don't know is, that this chakra is very important for opportunities to enter a person’s life.”

“With Devika™, it will bring Goddess Lakshmi closer to the wearer and help activate their chakra, creating a superior energy field for boosting success as well as to block negative energies from their environment and allow an infinite flow of wealth into their life.”

-Elderly man

Lady Luck Is Always At The Door

With Devika™ on her wrist, Priya traveled to Las Vegas and she managed to become the biggest winner ever recorded. To the point that she didn’t know where to store her eight-figure prize.

Priya’s now the owner of a massive mansion that she bought in cash, which has her dream closet filled with luxurious designer brands. To share her success with her community, Priya built an animal shelter and also made donations to numerous children’s hospitals.

Realizing how Devika™ could help many others, Priya wanted to share its powers, so that everyone can experience the same opportunities as her.

32-year-old taxi driver, Gary also wishes to share his story.

“My heart was crushed when I found out my wife was having an affair with my brother who is more successful and wealthier than me because I couldn’t afford to buy her the things that she wanted.”

When my friends told me about Devika™, I was skeptical, but after wearing it for just a few hours, I found a winning ticket when I was walking down the street and it won me as much as seven figures, and I nearly fainted!”

“Thanks to Devika™, I get to retire early and travel around the world without working, and now, I’m surrounded by younger women who want to be with me. I wish someone had told me about this bracelet sooner!”